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Kacey Cubero: Press


It's a bit of a shock when somebody comes along out of the blue, never heard of her at all, and she'sclearly fully formed as an artist, at the top of her game already...Fill Your Cup...itsNashville mainstream rocking country, through several very Lucinda Williams influenced numbers that have a sultry, bruised soulfulness, right through to some bluegrass style songs, there's a pretty eclectic mix here. At no time, though, does it sound like she’s trying on a musical hat for the sake of it. She absolutely inhabits these songs as if she's caught there in the spotlight, a conduit between wherever they come from and us, the audience. She's got a great voice, warm and emotion-laden so that she sounds like she's totally wrapped up in the song...Kacey Cubero and her band are top notch in every respect, probably only a short time away from being major league.

Blabber 'n' Smoke 

A welcome addition to that select group of female performers who fuse sultry vocals with bluesy country rock, Kacey Cubero is indeed, on the strength of this album, almost up there with Kathleen Edwards, Lucinda Williams and Sarah Borges.  The twelve self penned songs are all impressive ... a brace of immediately attractive radio friendly songs such as “It’s Alright” and “I Want More” (a tremendous song which conjures up the freewheeling wide open vistas that drive all great American rock songs) Cubero scores high. Add to that the slow burning sensual delight that is “Under my Skin” and the sweet pedal steel of “Fill Your Cup” and this record does indeed burrow under your skin.

Get Ready to Rock (4 out of 5 stars)

... what marks Kacey out from her contemporaries is her vocal delivery which is heavily reminiscent of Shelby Lynne and Stevie Nicks—a sweet southern drawl that is, in equal proportions, expressive and sensual... but what makes the set standout are the songs and Kacey’s vocals. The songwriting is atmospheric in a True Blood and Harvey Lee Oswald swamp twang style topped with the smoldering bittersweet vocals of a chain smoking angel. Exquisite.

Northern Sky

 FILL YOUR CUP captures an artist at the top of her game, with twelve contrasting songs. Whilst Old Cadillac has all that laid back front porch immediacy, with just a couple of blues-soaked acoustic guitars and a confident and soulful vocal performance, worthy of a Bonnie Raitt comparison, Under My Skin and the title cut Fill Your Cup lean more towards Van Morrison and Robert Cray respectively...

The album closer Whatcha Gonna Do reveals an artist who can easily put aside all her bluegrass, rockabilly and country rock leanings in order to demonstrate a beautifully soulful side, with a convincing vocal performance together with an emotionally charged piano accompaniment. If my cup was half empty before I popped this on the player, then it has now been suitably filled.

Maverick (5 out of 5 stars)

Kacey has her own unique style and sound. A blend of Americana and alt-country, FILL YOUR CUP is one of those albums you will keep on repeat play for a long time to come. The songs get better and better with every listen. The album’s title track, Fill Your Cup, sounds simply amazing. Kacey’s vocals on I Want More and It’s Alright bring to mind Lucinda Williams. Old Cadillac is soulful country, reminiscent of Shelby Lynne. This is an album full of songs you will want to hear again and again.

Roots of Rock (4 out of 5 stars)

Kacey has her own unique style and sound, which blends Americana with alt-country and has already gained many fans. Kacey’s vocals are soulful, reminiscent in style of Shelby Lynne. This is one of those albums you will keep on repeat play for a long time to come. The songs keep getting better and better with every listen.

Music! The Sounds of Santa Barbara

An Honest Approach: Kacey Cubero’s Americana Heart

Santa Barbara and Ventura are certainly no strangers to Americana music. In fact, through the likes of Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons frequenting the area when the medium was defining itself, the region exhibits quite an envious legacy. And it’s a legacy that is being aptly embraced by a new generation of roots-fueled singer-songwriters. With artists such as Dave Gleason, Doug Pettibone, and Kacey Cubero busily forging their own musical bequests around these here assured, she throws out plenty of musical capital to capture your gaze.

Venice Magazine

Soulful, soft, plaintive, rebellious, rough around the edges, and just plain rockin’, Kacey Cubero’s new album, FILL YOUR CUP, smoothly nestles the singer-songwriter into the fabric of Americana.

Singer Magazine (twice-named an Indie Artist of the Year)

California’s Kacey Cubero’s refined brand of countrified blues/Americana is an exciting listening experience…a captivating style.

Music Connection

Kacey Cubero plays a unique brand of Americana, incorporating elements of R&B, soul, and country. The choruses are loaded with hooks….Cubero writes very interesting chord progressions that frequently surprise and delight her audience.

Nashville Scene

Infectious, original, and soulful Americana with thought-provoking lyrics.


Expect great things!

Memphis Flyer

Because this is GOOD music. This is beyond good music. This is some fantastic music.

Ventura County Reporter

In the manner of Lucinda Williams, Cubero’s vocal delivery is simultaneously silky and edgy. Produced by Cubero, FILL YOUR CUP was mixed and mastered by Grammy award-winning Nashville heavyweights, resulting in a well-polished recording that more than adequately showcases Cubero’s strengths. Cubero’s star is on the rise.

The fresh face and powerful vocals of Kacey Cubero add a compelling component to the mix…

Limin’ Times (Tortola, BVI)

A prolific and talented singer, songwriter, and musician with a captivating voice. Soulful Americana done beautifully.

Santa Barbara News Press

Kacey Cubero named by the Santa Barbara Blues Society Artist of the Year—the oldest blues society in the U.S.—and will compete in early 2006 in the International Blues Competition in Memphis, where artists from 33 States and 7 countries gather for the 22nd annual edition of this event, which is billed as the largest gathering of blues players in the world.